Mapping Responsiblity

When you’re driving change, often part of your journey is determining who is responsible for the whole or the parts of the area you wish to change.  Sometimes you’ll find that though someone or several people should be responsible, actually getting one or more of them to admit their responsibility is next to impossible.  Here’s […]

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Head in that direction

You will never get to where you want to be unless you head in that direction.” – Unknown Typically, when people are implementing change they feel confident about the destination they’ve chosen, but they seem quite awful at heading in that direction.  My observation is that they struggle with heading in that direction because they’ve

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Mapping the options

Today, I got into a disagreement over a blog post. In the blog post, the author offers one way to move the people of an organization from stopped-and-waiting toward innovating-and-creating. My response to the blog post was swift: That won’t work. That: The actions (and cautions) the author prescribes. Won’t work: Will not produce the

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