Everyone Is a Change Agent

Is there a change you want to see in the world, your community, your job, or your life?

Have you been waiting for someone, somewhere to do something?

Stop waiting!


You are someone. You are somewhere. You can do something.

Your change is that new future you desire.

When you act to create your change, you become a change agent.

You don't need permission to become a change agent, but you do need to equip yourself for your change journey.

Everyone Is a Change Agent equips you with the Change Agent Essentials necessary for any rapid, joyful, successful change journey.

Packed with unique insights, memorable concepts, powerful stories, and vivid illustrations, Everyone Is a Change Agent is your indispensable guide to change.

Praise for Everyone Is a Change Agent

"It's often a misconception that change is negative and you need authority to be a change agent. In this book, all those rules are thrown out the window; anyone can create a positive change to advance their community, company, and world! I can really relate to the real-life examples!"

– Jessica Rannow, FY17 President, Society of Women Engineers, and Engineering Program Manager

"Everyone Is a Change Agent is a refreshing look at how anyone can influence change at work, at home, and in their community. April Mills' key distinction between driving people and driving change is a crucial concept that every change agent must understand and master."

– Heather Stagl, Founder and Change Facilitator at Enclaria

"This book is an excellent reminder to all of us that the target of change should be what and how we do things, not individuals or groups, and that change starts with oneself."

– Edgar H. Schein, Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management, and author of Humble Inquiry (2013) and Humble Consulting (2016)

Change Tactics

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“The world needs your best ideas. But becoming a change agent isn’t always easy. April Mills’ invaluable new book shows you exactly how to navigate obstacles and overcome the status quo to make a difference.”

Dorie Clark, Author of Reinventing You and executive education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

When your change is stuck and your usual tactics aren’t working, what more can you do?

In Change Tactics, change expert April K. Mills explains how you can boldly escape the status quo and create successful, sustainable change. You’ll learn how to:

  • lead your changes to exceptional results.
  • escape your worst change frustrations.
  • avoid the pitfalls that stop or stall change.
  • create change that contains more joy for everyone.
  • assess your change efforts and build trust.

In a time when Gartner says 50% of changes are clear failures, you can join a growing number of outstanding change agents who have decided to change tactics. Whether you’re a new project manager getting started with change or a seasoned professional looking for your next great tip to accelerate your results, Change Tactics has what you need.

“Brilliantly helpful.” —Clarke Ching, Author of The Bottleneck Rules and CorkScrew Solutions

Advance Praise for Change Tactics

“Today’s most agile, innovative organizations recognize the need to embrace change and transformation.  With April’s insights and expertise to guide you on this journey, you’ll be equipped with the tools, tips, tricks, and techniques to empower yourself and your organization on the journey.  Where so-called change experts provide platitudes and pontification about transformation in theory, April puts the concepts into practice with real-world experience gained over years of advocacy and hard work to deliver business results.  This book will change how you view your role as a change agent in your organization in ways that will make you a more effective leader.”

Monique Hayward

President & CEO, Nouveau Connoisseurs Corporation

“The world needs your best ideas. But becoming a change agent isn’t always easy. April Mills’ invaluable new book shows you exactly how to navigate obstacles and overcome the status quo to make a difference.”

Dorie Clark

Author of Reinventing You and executive education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

“A poster on our walls at Menlo Innovations says: Technology changes quickly, people change slowly. In her book, Change Tactics - 50 Ways Change Agents Boldly Escape the Status Quo, April K. Mills has set about changing that status quo formula with a simple, yet powerful idea: Embrace Change! This isn't about learning to accept change, or trying to get along with change, but literally giving change a big bear hug and moving forward with change as a lifelong friend, not a mortal enemy. And, so as to not leave you wondering how, she delivers fifty practical techniques for doing just that. You need this book ... now!”

Richard Sheridan

CEO & Chief Storyteller, Menlo Innovations; Author of Joy, Inc. - How We Built a Workplace People Love and Chief Joy Officer - How Great Leaders Elevate Human Energy and Eliminate Fear

“The world continues to move faster and faster.   Many organizations invest a lot of time in defining strategy, but very little in the actual strategy execution.  Most leaders in organizations have never been properly equipped to truly lead change.  In Change Tactics, April Mills gives readers real tools to help leaders understand how to drive change.” 

Kathy Gersch

Chief Commercial Officer, Kotter International

“In the Pixar movie Ratatouille, chef Gusteau makes the radical claim that “Anyone can cook,” but like a good chef, he keeps his recipes secret. In her first book, April Mills made the radical claim “Anyone can be a change agent.” With this book, she shares her recipes.”

Paul Klipp

Executive Agile Coach at Wawel Hill and Co-Host of the Agile Book Club Podcast

“Status quo is the thing that stops us and our organizations from reaching their full potential. To battle it, you need help. This is where April's book comes in. With her extensive experience as a successful change agent, April created an impressive collection of powerful tactics to battle status quo. This is what you need when you hope to transform!”

Aga Szóstek

Author of The Umami Strategy: Stand out by Mixing Business with Experience Design

“Anyone leading change or wanting to make change happen should read this book. April provides practical tips to not only make change more impactful, but to speed up the process and keep you motivated along the way. Organizational change is a process and this book is your guide.”

Amanda Gibson

Organizational Growth & Innovation Strategist

“Right at the start April reminds us that finding good business books isn’t the problem, it’s that we don’t take action.  Hamlet said that overthinking a problem, the biggest bane of change management in my experience, is what causes “enterprise of great pitch and moment…to lose the name of action.”  The book is clearly born of the reality of having to move an organization through change, while not having a lot of time to theorize on it.  So, design rather than plan, remember it’s not about you, and take action…pick up the book!”

J. Kendall Lott

CEO and President, M Powered Strategies

“April has an incredible talent for conveying approaches to change that are practical, actionable, and apply no matter how big the change is or what change you're trying to make. Wherever you are in your change journey, this book provides just-in-time tactics to create a sustainable, people-centered transition to achieve even the seemingly impossible.”

Rhea Stadick

Organizational Transformation Advisor and co-founder of Future of Work PDX

“I secretly hope that April adds two more tactics to the 50 that are currently in this book, then makes a deck of cards. I’d carry the deck with me so that whenever I got stuck, I could shuffle it, deal the cards out one by one, until I’m unstuck. Brilliantly helpful.”

Clarke Ching

Author of The Bottleneck Rules and CorkScrew Solutions

“Keep Change Tactics on your most easily accessible bookshelf. Whatever challenge you face—change stalled, people ignoring you, trapped in “red tape,” budget stuck—there’s a change tactic for that. I said, “Doh! Oh no, I do this!” You will too. Better change tactics; start now!”

Liz Lockhart

Sr. Director of Project Management and Training at Smarsh, Instructor of Operations Leadership at the Pamplin School of Business, University of Portland

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