If you want to escape the status quo of interesting-but-forgettable keynotes, start a new conversation with a speech from April K. Mills. She’ll generate energy for your organization’s major change effort, and prompt your audience to action.

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April K. Mills

She is an established technical woman leader who blends stories, experience, theory and practice to energize audiences and spark them to act on your major change initiatives.

April specializes in customized calls to action for large keynotes and tailored session for small groups that provide your audience with a fresh perspective on change, their change agency, and the tactics they can use immediately to drive the changes you all want.

Whether in person, or virtual, April commands the stage, screen or podcast, delivering memorable stories, compelling concepts, and repeatable quotes that leave your audience positively changed and engaged.

If you’re looking for deep insights and a range of expertise spanning public, private, volunteer and international organizations, you’ll want to book April for your event.


As a busy leader, author, and mother, April has limited availability for speaking engagements. Her schedule fills up quickly, so contact her today.


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