Temporarily Inconvenienced

Forgive me my lack of posting throughout this pregnancy, and especially now.  I’ve been temporarily inconvenienced by one of my late pregnancy symptoms: terribly swollen hands. The swelling makes typing painful and too much typing causes my fingers to go numb. Therefore, I’m putting my self on keystroke rest until little Henry arrives and the […]

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Challenge Met

My son just finished his first season as a little league player.  That’s a common statement to hear from the mother of a young boy, yet it is made truly special if you know that my son, Teddy, has spina bifida.  This spring, Teddy and several of his friends got their first chance to play

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Where to cut

A patient’s family should not tell the doctor where to cut, but they can and should measure him by his results.” There is an important distinction between being closed to feedback from your customers and refusing to maintain your professional distance. Daily you might see people of all organizational levels running into other people’s professional

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Conditioned to change

When I was growing up we often hosted my mom’s extended family at our house for holidays.  It was a running joke in our family to guess how my mom would have rearranged her living room furniture.  We didn’t have much money, so my mom would redecorate by moving around the things we already owned.

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