Challenge Met

My son just finished his first season as a little league player.  That’s a common statement to hear from the mother of a young boy, yet it is made truly special if you know that my son, Teddy, has spina bifida.  This spring, Teddy and several of his friends got their first chance to play sports.  You can see how much they enjoyed the experience by taking in the joy captured in the collage below. [Thanks go out to Joi Thomas for creating the fabulous collage.]

Challengers2As I sat in the stands watching the boys play, I was struck with the thought of how silly we are to be stopped by our often petty little complaints about our lives.  We often use the petty complaints to convince ourselves we can’t accomplish the things we want, need, and desire.  We say, “The organization isn’t right,” or “The boss isn’t right,” or “The timing isn’t right.”  UGH! Enough.

I hope you can draw some inspiration for the smiles and joy captured in the photos above.  I hope you can use some of that inspiration to propel yourself forward toward–and over–whatever challenges in your life are holding you back.

Consider yourself an honorary Challenger today.  I’m sure the boys won’t mind.

Decide.  Act.  Then you can say, “Challenge met!”

Why not try?

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