Change: What makes it run? What keeps it running?

Conventionally powered change runs on the force of driving people.  It takes years, has a high failure rate (sources vary in the actual %, but individual experience can attest that it fails more often than we’d like) and leaves you depleted of funds, morale, and good will.

Unconventional change runs on driving change. It takes weeks or months, has a higher chance of success and leaves you cash richer, energized, and stronger.  It can be a positively addictive, perpetual motion machine.  Once started, it just keeps going.

From first flipping the switch to fine tuning, you’ll get improved results when you’re driving change, not people. That’s Change Agent Essential® #1.


But first, we must break free from the gravitational pull of the status quo of driving people.  The blessing is that breaking free is as simple as choosing to drive change, not people.

Why not try?

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