Drains and Radiators

I’m not huge fan of Oprah, and would never consider her an authority on plumbing components. Still, I was recently inspired something she said. She expressed regret
over not realizing earlier in life to separate the drains from the radiators.

Drains are people who only take from you. They do this by always being negative, critical, and judgmental. You don’t measure up to them, and never will. They’re unhappy with their own problems and insecurities, but rather than deal with them – they’d rather take it out on you.

Radiators are different. They radiate warmth. They give back to those around them. Their energy is infectious and they are more than happy to share it with everyone.
They’re comforting to those close to them.

Driving change is hard enough without the added challenge of motivation-sucking drains. Life is too short to be controlled by drains, focus on the radiators in your life.
Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you share your wins with those people who will give you encouragement back in return
  • Don’t get sidetracked into arguments with a “drain.” You won’t ever win. You will almost always come away with lower energy and enthusiasm without much to show for it.
  • Take care to be a radiator to others around you. Catch yourself if you find that you are acting like a drain. One could be the one individual that makes the difference between someone else pushing change forward or giving up in discouragement.

Good luck driving change!

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