Relay Team Coordination Worksheet

Here’s an example of a Relay Team Coordination Worksheet. This example highlights only a portion of the team that built the beyond accessible playground at Evergreen Rotary Park in Bremerton, Washington. It is offered here as a simple example that shows while many of us were part of the team throughout, we weren’t all running at our full speed all the time.  Sometimes Rebekah was in the lead and I was supporting. Other times, I was in the lead and she supported me.  At key points in the three and a half year project, experts offered their special talents and some got involved at just the right time.  Mick, who was integral to the build, joined the team very close to our building phase.  We would have welcomed him in the three years prior to the build phase, but if he had joined us then he would have been waiting for his time to shine.  During those three years he was involved with leading many other community projects that were a better use of his talents. I would never have wanted to tie up his time waiting for our build out when he could instead be doing so much good for so many other people while we got our project to the build phase.

What’s Your Concrete Goal?

By as soon as possible, children and adults with special needs will experience a beyond accessible playground in Bremerton, Washington at Evergreen Rotary Park.


Who wants to get to run legs of the race to get us to our concrete goal?

Name Talent Leg(s) of the Race
April Mills Coordinating Change Launch, key events, equipment selection, public speaking.
Rebekah Uhtoff Networking and attention to detail Design phases, key events, equipment selection, organization outreach.
Jay Johnson Public Speaking Key fundraising speeches
Mick Hersey Volunteer Coordination Volunteer build days, volunteer clean-up days
Colette Berna Landscape Architect, Grant Writing Design steps, build coordination, grant applications
John Larson Playground Equipment Supplier Equipment selection, design, and build


Describe the handoffs from leg to leg

1  April to launch with Rebekah and team and city officials to get approval to design project and fundraise
2  Rebekah to define design priorities and make connections with community groups
3  Jay to represent the team at fundraisers and provide keynote remarks
4  Colette to write grants to add to community fundraising and complete initial designs
5 April & Rebekah to select equipment given site and budget constraints
6  John to provide equipment based on design and budget
7  Mick to coordinate volunteers to assist with build
8  All to work together for final build and opening. 
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