Behave yourself

They say actions speak louder than words.

That’s so true when you’re driving change and trying to set yourself apart from the pack of people still driving others to change.

When you’re driving change you must practice and practice and practice the driving change behaviors until it seems foolish to do anything else (e.g., driving people).

You must practice acting first instead of ordering others to act.

You must practice clearing the obstacles to the change instead of complaining that others aren’t moving fast enough.

You must practice lifting your eyes to your vision of the future and telling everyone what you see instead of focusing everyone on their feet and the last order they didn’t follow.

You must practice withstanding the criticism of people who are still driving people.

They don’t see it yet.

Keep practicing your driving change.

Let them see you practicing at driving change.

Someday they’ll see.



Drive Change.

Be the example.

Why not try?

1 thought on “Behave yourself”

  1. Great message… “Practice!” It may come naturally to some but certainly didn’t for me. I’ve really dedicated myself to driving change over the last few years and I feel much better at it today than I did back then.

    And of course, there’s still plenty of room yet to grow.

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