2013 Quick Tips


Too happy today? Too angry? Check your positivity ratio at PositivityRatio.com 3:1 is ideal. How did you score? H/T to Dwight Otis for forwarding me the link. [Writers note: As I typed this post this morning my youngest daughter–age 20 months–wandered out of bed rubbing her eyes, looked at me, said “Hi Momma!” and crawled […]

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Permissive Statements

Nicolas Hoizey via Compfight I usually can tell you the chapter and verse of where I first encountered a concept.  For the life of me I can’t remember where I first came across permissive statements, and yet, I can’t let my lack of memory stop me from sharing the concept with you. Permissive statements are

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Ask someone else

Change efforts stall before they get started because we ask the same people over and over again and expect to get a better response than, “I don’t know.” Quick Tip #1: Ask someone else. If you have a question and you need an answer and you don’t get a good/quick/name-your-adjective-that’s-important-to-you answer, then one way to

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