Ask someone else

Change efforts stall before they get started because we ask the same people over and over again and expect to get a better response than, “I don’t know.”

Quick Tip #1: Ask someone else.

If you have a question and you need an answer and you don’t get a good/quick/name-your-adjective-that’s-important-to-you answer, then one way to get moving is to ask someone else.

If you usually ask your boss when you are eligible for the graduate training program and every year he has no answer or worse tells you a week after the deadline, then stop waiting on him and find someone else to ask.

If you typically seek approval for your change from the person who controls the form/process/name-the-bureaucracy-that-you-want-changed, and they never respond well to your request, then stop asking them.  Ask the person responsible for ensuring you are happy, not the person responsible for completing the task (hint: They are almost always not the same person, especially in government).

You don’t have to stay stuck.  You can act.  All you have to do (in part) is ASK SOMEONE ELSE.

Why not try?


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