Drawing Pictures

Rising to Excellence

I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse that I think of abstract concepts as pictures and videos. Today, while discussing the differences between seeking excellence and preventing failure, a picture filled with hot air balloons sprung to mind and then my imagination pushed play.  Our scene opens to a beautiful balloon

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Perhaps I’ve been visiting Gaping Void too often, but I’ve caught a minor cartooning bug.  My cartoons aren’t meeting my expectations and yet they are letting out a bit of pent up picture drawing (albeit with Microsoft Office drawing tools) energy.  Enjoy tonight’s cartoon and please tune in on Halloween for a long-planned introduction of

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Sensing the Pattern

Wordle.net is a great site that allows you to use any text or url to create a word pictures to sense the not-so-hidden patterns in your language.  You can use this to reveal the common words your organization relies on to carry your essential messages. I built 45 of these today for another project and

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What’s your purpose?

During a class on Friday I was reminded of a very important point: Your team needs a real purpose, something big worth accomplishing that you can only do together. Without a purpose, team’s don’t necessarily dissolve.  Usually they do something far worse: they continue meeting but their goal (unstated, of course) is their own comfort. 

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