Perhaps I’ve been visiting Gaping Void too often, but I’ve caught a minor cartooning bug.  My cartoons aren’t meeting my expectations and yet they are letting out a bit of pent up picture drawing (albeit with Microsoft Office drawing tools) energy.  Enjoy tonight’s cartoon and please tune in on Halloween for a long-planned introduction of one of my favorite characters.

Groups of people don’t change in quick jumps from feudal leaders to strategic leaders or top-down controllers to bottom-up empowerers (I don’t know if that’s even a word).

Groups of people change after one person decides to change and models that behavior to the others.

Almost nothing wears out my patience (what limited supply I have) more than people waiting around for the group to start to change.  They squander days, weeks, months and–yes, even–years.  For what? For waiting?


Change. Or shut up.

Or don’t.  Soon I’ll be so far down the road I won’t be able to hear your incessant whining over your precious “someday.”

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