No more mandatory training

Please stop ordering wide groups of people to attend training classes.  You’re making it easier on you as an implementer when you insist on treating all the people the same, but you’re destroying a grand opportunity to learn a lot about the people of the group and to serve them better.  Wrapped up in that […]

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Strategy for Strengths

Do you know what your strengths are? Have you taken Gallup’s Strengths Finder 2.0?  It’s less than $15 at Amazon; that’s too cheap to pass up.  Go order it now (and that’s not an order, but a strong suggestion). If you take the assessment and you’re looking for someone to talk you through what it

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We are strong

Tomorrow I’ll have the privilege to facilitate a team through a strengths discussion.  I’m playing to my strengths when I’m talking a group through realizing that they have powerful strengths which they so desperately need to leverage for their own sakes and for the sake of their organizations. As I drove home today, my mind

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Supercharge your strengths

You can’t drive change alone.  You’ll need help.  You’ll need to find your Ando. On the TV show Heroes, Ando is the loyal friend of hero Hiro. Ando’s special ability is called supercharging.  Ando’s presence allows other “evolved humans” to elevate their powers, sometimes by 1,000 times. Imagine what you could do with 1,000 times

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No limits

Today at Seth Godin’s blog, under the title “Accepting Limits”: It’s absurd to look at a three year old toddler and say, “this kid can’t read or do math or even string together a coherent paragraph. He’s a dolt and he’s never going to amount to anything.” No, we don’t say that because we know

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