Supercharge your strengths

You can’t drive change alone.  You’ll need help.  You’ll need to find your Ando.

On the TV show Heroes, Ando is the loyal friend of hero Hiro.

Ando’s special ability is called supercharging.  Ando’s presence allows other “evolved humans” to elevate their powers, sometimes by 1,000 times.

Imagine what you could do with 1,000 times your own abilities!

In the show, Ando got his strengths multiplying ability after injecting himself with a crazy formula.  Please don’t encourage/trick a loyal friend into any injections!  There’s a better way.

Instead, take Gallup’s Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment and encourage your loyal friends/indifferent co-workers to do the same.

What’ll it cost you?

About $14 and an hour per assessment.

What’ll it get you?

Words to describe your strengths, details on your friends/co-workers strengths and a new opportunity to find your strengths match, your Ando.

What’ll it look like?

Say you’re a strategic thinker (the assessment will tell you if you are).  You know what changes need to be made to make your work group to be more effective, but you can’t get anyone to listen to your ideas.  You need to partner with an influencer, someone who can sell your ideas to the people in power.  If you’re a “get ‘er done” executor-type that happens to get ‘er done so well sometimes you lose team members along the way, you’d benefit from having a relationship-building partner that keeps the team together while you all get the job done.

When you pool your strengths finder results you’ll have all you need to find someone who matches your strengths and amplifies your potential.

I know your Ando is out there.

Why not try for 1,000 times your strengths?


Have you found your Ando already?  Tell us how.  Comment away!

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