Creating pictures

To start off 2012 right I created this one page pdf to illustrate the difference between driving people and driving change.  Those of you who’ve seen earlier versions will notice the old figures have been replaced with my not-so-awesome-but-still-lively stick figure people.  (I’m an engineer, not an artist, so go easy on me.)

If you’d like your own copy of the pdf, just leave a comment and I’ll send the file to your contact information.  In your file I’ll include your name in the permission line at the bottom so you can use the file as you drive change.

3 thoughts on “Creating pictures”

  1. Happy New Year Hilbert. You should find your personalized file in your e-mail inbox. Thanks for posting a comment. I can’t wait for our day of discussion on Saturday!

  2. April
    What a poignant picture pair. Practice improves skill, though like you, I am not much of an artist.


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