Are you curious about what is written on the next line?

If you’re reading this, then your curiosity must have driven you to find out. I know it only took a very slight eye movement, but you still could have chosen to stop reading and go do something else.  And if you finish reading this entire post, then it will have been your curiosity that drove you to the end.

If there’s a force that can drive your actions without you really being aware of it, shouldn’t we try to understand how it works and try to harness it to drive change?

Curiosity is that force.  Curiosity drives action.  It’s working on you right now.

And action is what creates change and improvement.

What creature is the most active and experiences the most learning and change?

The Toddler.

They are always going, doing, wanting to learn or experience something new, continually making messes and getting into things because of curiosity. And it works, maybe to their parent’s exhaustion, but they learn and change (eventually) from their own actions.

The creature next to the toddler in learning is the Scientist.  This is someone who is always experimenting to find out ‘what will happen if…’ And they learn.  Again, curiosity is the driving force.

Whether we are scientists or not, we were all toddlers once and therefore have the ability to cultivate that curious mindset again in whatever area we want to change.  We just need to have a strong enough desire to know what would happen if we took a certain action.  And then let that desire drive us to act in spite of our fears or mental obstacles that seem to hold us back.

Don’t you want to know what it will be like when you have accomplished your goals?

Feel the curiosity, and go make things happen.

2 thoughts on “Curiosity”

  1. That’s right, T. Jay, and what is an artist? Someone who creates something that didn’t exist before.

    So couldn’t we all be artists, if our art is the stuff we make happen, the stuff that didn’t exist before?

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