Finding the Devil and Salvation

Three quotes to start this rant:

…important issues should be presented in writing.  Nothing so sharpens the thought process as writing down one’s arguments.  Weaknesses overlooked in oral discussion become painfully obvious on the written page.” – H. G. Rickover

The Devil is in the details, but so is salvation.” H. G. Rickover

It is a human inclination to hope things will work out, despite evidence or doubt to the contrary.  A successful manager must resist this temptation.  This is particularly hard if one has invested much time and energy on a project and thus has come to feel possessive about it. Although it is not easy to admit what a person once thought correct now appears to be wrong, one must discipline himself to face the facts objectively and make the necessary changes–regardless of the consequences to himself.  The an in charge must personally set the example in this respect.  He must be able, in effect, to “kill his own child” if necessary and must require his subordinates to do likewise.” – H. G. Rickover

What’s the rant? It’s simple.

Write down your reasons behind your ideas.  Then, let others look at them and give you comments.  Next, take action on those comments if they improve your idea.  And, if it turns out it wasn’t a great idea, get over yourself and start something else.

Do this often and it will hurt less (because it does hurt, ever so slightly).

Do this often and you’ll implement more of your ideas and the ideas you have will be better.

Why not try?

If you won’t try, know that I am going to hound you until you do, because I can’t listen to your ramblings about your good ideas for another moment when you refuse to spend any of your own moments to make your idea better.  Invest your own time, then try to take some of mine.  Until then, I’m not listening.

Is this more harsh than my usual posts? Yes.

Do you need someone to be harsh every now and then? Yes, especially when it is done out of love.

Think of the band aid ripped off quickly.  This is the blog post equivalent to that.

Now, let’s have a great Friday driving some fabulous change.  Who’s with me?

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