Fireworks NYE2005Happy Fourth of July my friends!

As we ready for Fourth of July celebrations, let me leave you with a thought to ponder.

On July 4th, especially in the patriotic and explosion-happy Bremerton, Washington, we love the fizzling fuse of a firework because it promises a rocket launch and triumph blast and boom.

Contrast that anticipation and conclusion of the firework with the regularly repeated cycle of conflict, especially interpersonal conflict, in organizations.

The internal conflicts are like dud fireworks, all fizzling fuse and no explosion.

Why do we let problems–especially problems with under-performing people–fire up and fizzle without a firm resolution?

Isn’t it dangerous for an organization to allow, metaphorically, all that unexploded ordnance to be lying around?

What do you think?

photo credit: Creative Commons License Mr Magoo ICU via Compfight

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