Geshido” – Chelsea Grace

Google “geshido” and a list of links to a climbing shoe pop up.

rock wall climbing

That’s not the geshido we’re talking about here.

Geshido is a word coined by my good friend Chelsea Grace.

She uses it as a call to action.

“Geshido!” she’ll cry.

If you’re part of a Lean obsessed organization, you’re probably assuming that geshido is also some Japanese word that means “seek the truth” or “watch carefully” or something. Nope.  Here’s what it means:

Get sh*t done!

This week, as you struggle or jump from bed to face the challenge ahead, feel free to use “Geshido!” as your rallying cry.

When you feel weak, “Geshido!”

When you want to rest, “Geshido!”

Whenever you want to make the people around you stop and stare, “Geshido!”

Have fun geshido-ing this week.  I know I will.

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