Joy is more powerful than fear

In 2001 Pixar released the movie Monsters, Inc.  In the movie, a monster world is electrically powered by the energy collected from children’s screams.  Each night after kids around the world go to bed, scare teams are sent through closet doors to collect scream energy.  As the movie goes along we follow a star employee, monster Sulley, as he accidentally brings a toddler, Boo,  into the monster world.  Hijinks ensue.  At the conclusion of the movie, Sulley realizes that  Boo’s laughter is an amazingly more potent power supply than her screams.  The movie closes with the monster scaring floor transformed into a laughter floor, with monster sent into kids’ rooms to tell them jokes and keep them laughing.

Why am I forcing you through a synopsis of a 10 year old kids movie?  Because the lesson of Monsters, Inc. (i.e., joy is more powerful than fear) is the same lesson you learn when you try driving change for the first time over driving people.  You’ll be shocked how much power you can harness with such a simple change, of removing the fear and amplifying the joy in your change.

To illustrate this point, I drew some squiggles that show the rough path someone (or some team) takes when they drive change compared to when they drive people.

Which path would you rather be on?

Try out driving change for yourself.  I bet you’ll like it.

Why not try?

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