Link Fuel: On curiosity, failure, and more

If you’re not lucky (cursed?) enough to run into me during the week then you’re missing out on the onslaught of all the latest things I’ve been reading, pondering, or sampling.  Link fuel is my answer to our lack of in-person interaction.

Here’s what’s fueling my tank this week.  Feel free to use the comments to add what topics are fueling yours.  We’re all often in need of a good mid-week refueling.  I say, why not help each other out?

  • My friend, Rex, has a wonderful direct-to-your-inbox newsletter on curiosity.  Check it out at  Click on the door and sign up for the newsletter and enjoy.
  • My friend, RoguePolymath, also has a wonderful direct-to-your-inbox monthly newsletter to broaden your horizon to sample all sorts of topics around being your best self and seeing the world in new ways.  Check out his blog,  Post a comment and I know he’ll get you on his mailing list too.
  • Thanks to Anne for sharing this article full of quotes, Failure is Not What You Think It Is.  Bonus points for the Homer Simpson photo to accompany it.
  • Keeping with the failure theme, thanks to Janice for sharing the post, Help, I failed!
  • RoguePolymath (@roguepolymath) is showing up twice this week, this time with a link to Efficiency versus Value – The New Innovation Equation
  • Thanks to Steve Holt (@skholt) for continually bringing up Dan Ariely’s book, Predictably Irrational.  I finally got the hint and read it. It’s worth a read by anyone who is fascinated with why people make the decisions they do.  The answer will surprise you.  It’s broken into quick chapters that can be sampled as you have the time.  If you’re going to pop in and out of a book this spring, consider giving Predictably Irrational a try.

Fueled up.  Ready to go. Don’t stop driving your change!

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