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Last Friday, I was honored to be recognized by my employer, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PSNS & IMF) as one of the twenty or so Employee of the Year award winners.  My award came in the category of Professional Command Support.  Here’s the citation that was read at the ceremony,

April is recognized for her exceptional efforts facilitating the Command’s highly-successful 2009-2010 Guiding Coalition.  Her zest of promoting the Guiding Coalition concept has resulted in a transformation in the way we think about change as well as educating other activities on the benefits of driving change versus driving people to change.  By focusing on the results, celebrating all wins and creating an atmosphere of hopefulness, April has shifted the way PSNS & IMF thinks about transformation.”

A good friend wrote the citation. I love the fact she chose the words “zest” and “hopefulness.”  I’m proud to be known by those words.

Thanks to all my friends, family and Engine-for-Change readers who have offered me congratulations over the past few days.  I treasure the opportunities I have to work with, learn with, and drive change with you.  We are making a real difference, and it seems people are noticing.

Thanks again for all you do, as you are proving that driving change works.

All my best – April

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  1. Well deserved! The only thing I would change is the last line… I would say that you’ve not only changed the way the organization thinks transformation, you’ve also changed the way they act on transformation.

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