Pick one

Have you ever gone to a day or two of training and felt overwhelmed by all you’ve just learned?

How can you possibly implement all the great ideas crammed into your brain?  You can’t.

Here’s my tip: Pick one.

Next time you go to training, pick one (just one!) thing to do right away when you get back to your work, or your organization, or your life.

Then do that one thing RIGHT AWAY.

Don’t wait for next week.

Don’t try to schedule it in when the timing is better.

Do it right away or you’ll never do it.

Pick one thing.

And, keep driving your change.

1 thought on “Pick one”

  1. I find myself keeping a notepad and pen handy to jot down idea’s. I was driving this past week and read something on a church marquee that I wanted to remember, couldn’t write and drive so I called Mom and had it write it down. I’m thinking I should start carrying a small recorder just for those “note to self” momements.

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