Plan the future

You cannot plan the future by the past.” – Edmund Burke

So stop trying to look at last week’s numbers, last month’s performance or last year’s policy decisions.

Create in your mind a vision for the future.  Practice sharing that vision with others.

Choose the changes you need to make, then make them.

Allow others to join you.

Move into your future.  You can start today!

1 thought on “Plan the future”

  1. April
    I disagree with “…last year’s policy decisions.” being on your list. Think about the consequences of that statement – no accountability for past decisions AND no organizational or personal double loop learning.

    Looking at those past policy decisions and how they were created, as well as who decided what from the lens of now allows one to compare desired outcome with actual outcome, and potentially make changes in who makes decisions, how decisions are made and how they are carried out.


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