Playing to your strengths

According to Gallup’s Strengths Finder 2.0 test, my top five strengths are:






I’ve been putting them all into play this week, at work and at home.  The effort is leaving me at times exhausted and at other times enlivened.  Right now, exhausted is winning.

What are your top five strengths and how have you been playing to them lately?

Let’s see how many comments we can pile up to this post.  According to the site analytics you are looking at the posts…so why not comment too?

2 thoughts on “Playing to your strengths”

  1. Strategic

    Had to look them up. I guess says that I’m not doing very well at playing to them.
    Strategic is the only one that I remembered.

  2. My top five strengths are:

    Every day I attempt to sate my hunger for knowledge, though it’s rare that I ever come close to filling myself to the brim. I’m not sure what it would even feel like… perhaps a sense of being overwhelmed might signal that I need time for repose and reflexion on the new-found information? Perhaps one day I might figure that out.

    I have continually been working towards my desire to achieve via strategic/analytical planning these last few weeks (since the off-site). I’m extremely excited for the coming year and my lead role on the Talent Development action team. I have been slowly and surely feeling out the field and finding others who are passionate about impacting positive change for the people around them. I’ve already come across a few great ideas and even though the 2013 GC hasn’t officially started… well, I will just say I’m investigating opportunities 😉

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