Driving Change


I bet you’ve met someone like Bill before. Bill works hard every day, is above average in his work output and is a pleasure to work with.  Bill is waiting patiently for his boss to offer him a big promotion.  Bill hasn’t applied for any new jobs, hasn’t mentioned his interest in the promotion to …

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Tests of Good Advice

Should you follow the advice at this blog–at any blog–or in any Harvard Business Review article or from any management coach? How can you tell which advice to act on and which to toss aside? When you’re giving advice, are you giving people something they can use or are you seemingly just talking to hear …

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Drawing Pictures

If you want to succeed a driving change, practice drawing pictures.  Specifically, practice drawing pictures of either what the future looks like or what the journey to the future looks like. Why? Because people think in pictures.  If you can draw a picture in their minds that they can put themselves in, look around and …

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Quote of the Week: Learning

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” – Albert Einstein As an implementer, an engineer, someone who turns ideas into practical applications, I enjoy this quote. I enjoy the quote because within it I hear a challenge to do more than absorb information. I hear a challenge to apply my knowledge, …

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