Driving Change

Link Fuel

Jason Drury via Compfight Let’s fill up our tanks with some link fuel. As I listened to discussions of process variability and churn today, my mind flashed to Deming’s funnel problem.  Don’t adjust a process due to random variation.  You’ll make the scatter worse.  My Poking a Dirty Finger Into the Wound post relates.   […]

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Spotted in the Shipyard Log

Back in August I traveled to Hawaii to provide some training sessions on driving change and personal mastery at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility.  They recently published a full page article about my visit titled “Key to Change: I ‘get to’ vs I ‘have to.’”  Since my mother reads this blog and

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A profession

To practice a profession one must have acquired mastery of an academic discipline as well as a technique for applying this special knowledge to the problems of everyday life.  A profession is therefore intellectual in content, practical in application.” – H. G. Rickover There isn’t one accepted profession that seems to appropriately “fit” what it

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Back in 1982, during his last testimony before Congress as an active-duty naval officer, Admiral H. G. Rickover claimed he coined a term, “Say-Do.”  He meant the term to refer to those people who say they are going to do things, receive praise from the people who hear them say they will do things, yet

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Seeking productive people

Administrators derive status from their organization and tend to identify themselves with it so that criticism of the organization is felt by them to be criticism of the administrator himself.  Productive people owe whatever distinction they may have to their own competence and are usually more open-minded about improving their performance.” – H. G. Rickover,

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The Only One

When I’m sitting around a table after work with my friends sometimes it’s fun to go around the table and tell our “the only one” stories about how one of us has been the only one who’s done something, knows something or has seen something at work.  A few of my favorites to tell are:

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