Would you rather…

“Would you rather…?” is a popular board game. In the game, you get questions that ask you something silly like, “Would you rather wear a bucket on your hand for a year or a bucket on your foot for a year?” What would you say? People are drawn to the game because people like to […]

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A big thank you

Next time you have the privilege to work with/be served by/walk past someone who does something for you that no one asked them to do (but they did it anyway because they knew it mattered to you) try saying a big thank you. What’s a big thank you? In Linchpin, Seth Godin offers several big

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Your Thoughts?

Now for a new feature: “Your Thoughts?” I’ll post something someone short and ask you for your thoughts. As they are your thoughts, anything goes. This is a good place to practice commenting in public.  I’d venture a guess that if you can’t comment on your own thoughts to strangers on a blog, you’re probably

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