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Now for a new feature: “Your Thoughts?”

I’ll post something someone short and ask you for your thoughts. As they are your thoughts, anything goes.

This is a good place to practice commenting in public.  I’d venture a guess that if you can’t comment on your own thoughts to strangers on a blog, you’re probably not in practice to comment well on others’ thoughts in public.

Here’s the thought to ponder:

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

What should you do if you want to go far quickly?

[Thanks to Hilbert for the thought to ponder.]

4 thoughts on “Your Thoughts?”

  1. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take that first step with a flexible plan and a commitment to improvement.

    Starting today will put you ahead of those who wait, for whatever reason. Being committed to continuous improvement will push you in the long run past those you start with better plans, but without the discipline to learn and change with time. As for your “together”, it will be easier to grow your network around the action you take. People will see something happening and want to be part of it.

  2. Find a partner with interest in the same destination. The ideal partner is one who has experiences different from your own plus some similar experience. This enhances the probability one or both of you will have the talent necessary to overcome whatever hurdles you find.
    Don’t over plan and avoid procrastination. As Jay said, take the first step. Motion is so much easier with existing momentum and pace builds as one gains experience in the journey.

  3. I detest going alone. It is relationships that keep me even interested in “going”.

    Going alone is important, at some point, for self discovery. Often what is discovered is that one CAN ACCOMPLISH something. Past that self indulgence, one also can realize what one wants to do is experience the journey with others.

    Call it synergy, teaming or, as Pat states, the probability one or both of you will have the talent necessary to overcome whatever hurdles you find, certainty one is more efficient as a part of a “We”.

    When all is said and done the result should be more then a bullet for an evaluation, a name plate on a desk or a picture in the Salute. One will look back on ones achievements and remember those who were there along the way.

    Yes, change.
    Yes, walk forward.
    Yes, live it together because…

    Life is relationships.

  4. I would use mass transit…

    Unfortunately I would be limited to destinations already assigned for a lot of people to go to and if I looked out the window and saw something interesting I could not stop and take a closer look.

    And, like using the local City Bus during the day I would find myself in the company of people I am not used to hanging around! Would I treat this as a Mission Opportunity or would I simply blend, hide and persevere?

    Maybe I would just hang around people that travel fast and far? But then I’d have to wait for an invite and never get to choose where we are going. At best I could have input on the rest stops and diners, and mostly through my ability to complain effectively.

    So much for being a follower.

    Maybe I could go rogue and ride a motorcycle? And if I got the appropriate wardrobe (ensamble? regalia?) and tattoos I could join a gang, er club and that would cover the terms of this question! The freedom, the lean mean attitude, go where you say with all of your possessions in your saddle bags! Too bad most of us would have to be back in time to coach the Little League Team or get a start on Monday’s meetings.
    Yup, makes no sense trying to be something I’m not. Maybe I should just spend some time trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing?
    I keep hearing about this “special purpose” thing but every time I think I’m answering a “calling” it turns out that I was only in training for the next assignment. This isn’t as easy as it looked at first.
    Maybe use a little Science for this dilemma.

    Let’s see, we have Time and Distance in the question. So D divided by T will equal V or Velocity. So the factors left to figure out have to do with Acceleration, Resistance and of course we’d need to have a target goal.
    Acceleration could be done with a Big-Burst or with a steady but constant effort. Throw in some hills and valleys and you can time your pulls and coastings.

    Resistance can be a problem. I’ll need to be bigger and tougher to overcome any resistance. Unless of course I can find a way to turn the polarity around on some of these Blocks and use their Attraction to my benefit. Once I get a few of them on-board I could gain a little Momentum, yes, that would be helpful.

    So to summarize…

    I can use the path often tread and go to the destination often arrived at.
    I can re-design myself and try on some kind of Character to get the job done.
    I can use Engineered Analysis Methods to plot my location, target my goals and mitigate my path.

    Hey April, can I borrow your Slide Rule please?

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