Link Fuel

Regularly I recharge my change driving batteries by sampling the delightful links my friends send me. As I prepared for the long holiday weekend–Happy 4th of July by the way!–I thought, “Why not offer up some link fuel for my Engine for Change friends?”  Enjoy! Charles Green reveals the silly secrets of strategy in You […]

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Drawing Pictures

If you want to succeed a driving change, practice drawing pictures.  Specifically, practice drawing pictures of either what the future looks like or what the journey to the future looks like. Why? Because people think in pictures.  If you can draw a picture in their minds that they can put themselves in, look around and

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Who’s Edward Tufte?

To improve your understanding of how to share your discoveries and how to believe the discoveries of others, there’s hardly a better teacher for you than Edward Tufte. His site edwardtufte.com is a treasure trove.  His one day course is a must attend for anyone interested in driving change.  He’ll teach you how to find

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