Who’s Edward Tufte?

To improve your understanding of how to share your discoveries and how to believe the discoveries of others, there’s hardly a better teacher for you than Edward Tufte.

His site edwardtufte.com is a treasure trove.  His one day course is a must attend for anyone interested in driving change.  He’ll teach you how to find the gaps in other people’s work and how to fill in the gaps in your own.  I, for one, haven’t been the same since taking his one day course.

Thanks to Nancy for finding me this Tufte gem, Data Analysis for Politics and Policy. I can’t wait to devour it!

1 thought on “Who’s Edward Tufte?”

  1. Thanks for providing the link(s)! I see Tufte’s name mentioned a lot, especially in regards to useability. In fact, I was reading an article yesterday on Microsoft’s newly announced Windows Mobile 7 and the author was stating how MS followed many of Tufte’s principles.

    I’ll definitely take the one day course when it comes to the Seattle area. It sounds like there is a tremendous return on investment.

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