The Driving Change Look

It’s amazing what happens when you start out conversations with words like, “I’d love to partner with you, and here’s what I think I can bring to the table.”

I love to watch the look in people’s eyes the first time they are approached by someone driving change.

Either they have this wave of joy wash over them because you aren’t like all the others with your hand out and your fist shaking in the air at them, or they cock their head to the side and wonder what’s your gimmick because no one is this kind and joyful.

Either way, the looks on their faces are priceless.

I caught a few looks tonight.  I presented an idea to a municipal parks council.  They loved the idea, but what I noticed too is that they seemed to love the approach to the idea, the notion of driving change.

Try out a new idea on a new group, and try it out by driving change.  Show them how committed you are to the idea and how exciting it would be if they would only partner with you to take that idea further.  See what happens.  No matter what look you get at first, you’ll be on your way to success.  I can almost guarantee it.

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