The Power of Variation

No two people will perform a task the same, with the same passion, the same speed or the same curiosity….

…unless you force them all to behave one way.

When we drive people we force our best and our worst to conform to the same standard, often lowering what the best can accomplish to the standard of our worst.

But when you start driving change, you can allow for variability, in fact you are capitalizing on its power.

You no longer define the starting line, finish line, path and speed.  Instead, you offer the opportunity to race and watch to see where people end up.

Some (probably a lot more than you expect) will surprise you with their speed, their choice of path, and how lofty they set their finish line.

If you want to find the best leaders in your organization, stop making them all lead the same.

Allow a little (or a lot) of driving change to happen and watch who takes off.

Harness the power of variation in the people of your organization and you’ll be surprised how much everyone will accomplish.

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