“They” won’t let us.

“They” tried that before.

“They” don’t care.

Whenever you hear someone use “they” you must ask,

Who’s “they”?

Usually “they” is an untested assumption that some group or some person may be against your change.

Once you know the group or person, by code or by name, you can call them up and ask them, “Can you support this change?”  I’m cheerfully shocked how often when calling and asking I get a “Yes” in response.

Don’t let “they” get in your way.

Ask “who?” and keep driving change.

2 thoughts on ““They””

  1. April,
    Hilbert pointed me to this and another one of yours today. It’s yet another great insight on pervasive and fundamental organization challenges, along with effective suggestions to help overcome. Thanks very much!

  2. Pat – I’m glad the posts are effective for you. It’s nice to have this new technology to span those gaps between our Edmonds meet up days. Those just can’t happen often enough.

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