Who’s got a Guiding Coalition?

In my non-free time I run a Guiding Coalition.  It’s a group of 35 people, from all levels of the organization, committed to bringing about the future of the organization through our own initiative.  Those 35 people form four teams with 13 sub-teams, made up of more than 250 members.

The Guiding Coalition is based on John Kotter’s 8-step Leading Change model and has been working well since 2006.

In the Guiding Coalition, people want to come to meetings. You can’t beat that draw when you’re driving change.

As it is Friday night and my brain’s not up for hard thoughts, I decided to search Google for what other organizations have a Guiding Coalition.

Here’s a short list (in Google results order):

Project on National Security Reform has a Guiding Coalition.  Its members include one of my favorites: Speaker Gingrich.

[Gratuitous inclusion of a picture of Speaker Gingrich and me.  We were at National Review’s Conservative Summit in Washington, D.C. in 2007.  The story of that opportunity taken is posted here and here.]

My mom, an Avon rep, will find it interesting that Avon apparently has (or had) a Guiding Coalition.

Dallas’ Global Day of Prayer has a small Guiding Coalition.

Kansas Leadership Center held a Guiding Coalition retreat to set their agenda for change.

Circles of Support in Gettysburg, PA has a Guiding Coalition.  Apparently several chapters of the Circles of Support organization drive their change through a Guiding Coalition.  Here’s another chapter in Minnesota.

Sauk County, Wisconsin’s Comprehensive Plan has a Guiding Coalition driving it.  I can’t tell how well it worked as their last minutes are from July 2009.  When I visit Wisconsin this August I’ll have to check on their progress. 🙂

Queensland, Australia has their Department of Education and Training using a Guiding Coalition to lead change in their school systems.

Georgetown College (in Kentucky) has a Guiding Coalition leading only their diversity efforts.

I can’t tell if NASA has a Guiding Coalition or if they crushed it under the weight of this horrible PowerPoint presentation.

The University of British Columbia has a great list of Guiding Coalition members.

That’s probably a long enough list for one night of looking, though I only got through “Results 2130 of about 1,370,000 for guiding coalition”

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