Your thoughts: Are you a fast zebra too?

Driving change is about choosing a change for yourself and clearing the obstacles for others to internally choose the change too.

In a recent Harvard Business Review blog post, Jon Katzenbach and Zia Khan introduce us to the concept of a fast zebra: someone who, “can quickly absorb information, adapt to new challenges, and get people aligned in the right direction… They are the people who can skirt around or blast through the kind of gridlock found not only in the political spectrum, but in organizations of every stripe.”

Fast zebras drive change.

I know because I drive change and I’m a fast zebra, having scored 6 of 6 on the fast zebra test.  (Yes, I’m competitive even with online tests.)

Read the fast zebra post.

Take the fast zebra test.

Are you a fast zebra too?

[Thanks to Rogue Polymath for finding the article and Julie for posting it at PSNS & IMF on the Waterfront.

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