2010 in numbers

Sparked (as always) by Seth Godin’s posts, here’s what happened for me and Engine For Change in 2010:

  • Launched engine-for-change.com on December 28, 2009 (okay, not technically 2010, but close enough)
  • Wrote 192 posts with 48 tags garnering 238 comments
  • Recorded 24,000 hits
  • Found 199 (+ or – a few each week) followers of Engine For Change on Facebook
  • Submitted 1 paper for an international conference (remember, the paper was rejected.  I’m trying again this year.)
  • Hosted one Harvard Business School professor (okay, technically
  • Gave three classes on Mapping Motivation
  • Answered approximately one million (or so, because I stopped counting) questions of “why are you doing this?” or “when are you going to write a book?” or “who wants to read that stuff?” or some other derivative of the general confusion my actions produce in most people.
  • Didn’t add enough terms to the terms page, though finally defining the difference between driving change and driving people to change has been a watershed, at least for me.  I’ll need to work on adding more of the most essential terms everyone should know to speak “implementation” language.
  • Published 40 Quotes of the Week and it all started with one titled, “Learning.” (If you didn’t see it, may I recommend you check it out now.)
  • Held two Linchpin Meet-Ups and had a ton of fun at both!
  • Felt lots and lots of joy in the conversations I’ve shared with you, my blog readers and change-driving friends.  You’ve kept me motivated when I hit my dips and always keep me hopeful that there are more and more people out there who are passionate about creating sweeping changes in their lives, workplaces and communities.

No one knows exactly what 2011 will bring, but until the keyboard is ripped from my hands and my mind goes blank, expect to see me here with you each week.  Thanks for continuing to stop by.  We’re going to have some fun in 2011, or at least we’re going to give it a good try.

After all, why not try?

Keep driving change!

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