2011 Leaders Series

Last year I published a set of posts called the 2010 Leaders Series.

For all you new Engine For Change readers and recent additions to the Guiding Coalition, here’s a rundown of the posts you missed.  The posts cover a range of topics change leaders should know about, all with a driving change perspective.

Feel free to leave comments about which post was your favorite or what topics you would like covered in more detail.  I’m at your service.

Follow Your PassionBe Your SunBehave YourselfSet the ExampleYouWelcomeIn need of more VelcroVery Frustrated —  Seeing What’s PossibleMinutes and HoursThat’s My AgendaTrack Your Work“They”

Quotes of the Week — Change Lovers Go!Finding the Proof

For Top Level Managers —  Is that the brake or the gas?

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