501 – A recap for friends

It turns out I’ve now posted 501 posts in three years and twenty-six days since I launched this blog.

Wow!  501…no wonder I keep thinking I wrote posts on topics I haven’t covered yet (an error I hope to remedy soon) and it makes sense I keep finding posts that are treasures I want to re-gift to my friends.

I’ll get to new content for post 502.

Let’s get to the gifts:

For all the new readers: Refresher 1, Refresher 2, and Refresher 3

I don’t know what’s the matter with people: they don’t learn by understanding, they learn by some other way–by rote or something.  Their knowledge is so fragile!” – Richard Feynman

For Tonya and Chelsea:  The One Man Show

For Darla: The Wolves Are Afraid and Life Outside the Fences

For Rob: Underpants Gnomes

For Suzie: When Did We Decide That?

For Abbie: You’re Never Done

For Daniel and Nicole: Who’s Who (in the Zoo)

For Jay (aka @roguepolymath): Your Peter Principle guest blog post (I figured it better to highlight your writing as many of my quotes of the week are copied from your tweets)

For Mike: The first strengths post, the third post on the blog

I wish I could dig the archives and find a gift for each of you.  I know there is just the right gift in there for your situation.

When you need a gift, a rant, a thought to perk you up after a rough day, just type a key word or two into the search box and see what comes up.  Chances are there will be something that pops up that surprises you.

For example, type in:

Quote = 236 posts

Excited = 26 posts

Passionate = 16 posts

Hate = 30 posts

Frustrated = 14 posts

Rant = 26 posts

Choose = 80 posts

Act = 246 posts

Now = 14 posts

Why not try? = 107 posts

Why not? 




1 thought on “501 – A recap for friends”

  1. Thanks for the gift! Your dedication to this blog and driving change is due for a celebration.

    Lol at underpants gnomes. The reference reminds me of the lesson from Michael @ Cog Edge and “fire kiln.”

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