Some wins come quickly. Others take years to reach that big win.

This beyond accessible playground is three-and-a-half years in the making.  Only four days remain until ALL may play in Bremerton. I can hardly wait.  I’m drenched in anticipation.

I wish for you this sort of moment.  It’s pure joy!

Why not try to create your change? Imagine how wonderful the world will look with your change in it.

playgroundOn Sunday, August 24th at 4 pm the playground opens to the public.  If you’re in or around Bremerton, please stop by the playground and enjoy it.  The official grand opening with ribbon cutting is planned for Saturday, September 13th from 10 – 2 with ceremony at 11 am.  There will be a resource fair in conjunction with the grand opening.  All are welcome.  We, the members of Bremerton Beyond Accessible Play, would love to have you join us.

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