Are you ready to tell your story?

Change is a journey filled with ups and downs, big wins and little intrigues.  Change makes a great story.

Will you mention that day you overcame the seemingly unmovable obstacle?

What about the day you found the first small win and celebrated just because you could?

Whatever story you tell, tell it proudly and tell it often.

This week I was privileged to share my change story.  I’m cheered to report the story and I were well received.

If you can agree with the statement, “We are the stories we tell,” then you should be able to answer the question, “Am I ready to tell my story?”

Make the answer yes.

4 thoughts on “Are you ready to tell your story?”

  1. Had to think about this one. A win, no matter how small. hmmmm

    Well, there was the time I said in an office meeting “when sending an email it should be sent to the person that is responsible for taking action. The ‘CC:’ line should be for those that just need to know.” My boss jumped on that statement and it became a guideline for the office.

    1. Great story Barb! It’s a quick way to remind others not to let small wins pass them by.

      When you’re not the boss, you’re less likely to get to tell the story about implementing the massive process change or the new product line, but you can do all that you can, from the place where you are, to make a difference in your organization.

      Let yourself celebrate those ways you’ve contributed to improving your work. How many small wins, like Barb’s, can you think of? Write them down. Keep a list. When you’re having a bad day, look at the list and remember, “You’re driving change!”

  2. I hope others will post their small wins too. It’s great to read them. I was thinking the same thing about when you’re having a bad day that would be a good list to lift your spirits.

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