Book Review: Creating Contagious Commitment

Today I’m excited to post my review of Andrea Shapiro’s second edition of Creating Contagious Commitment.

In 2005 I started my journey through organizational change, with the first edition of Andrea Shapiro’s Creating Contagious Commitment: Applying the Tipping Point to Organizational Change as my implementer’s guide to successful change.  Since 2005 I’ve learned a lot of lessons of what works–and what doesn’t–when driving change.  I’m excited to say the second edition of Creating Contagious Commitment captures and amplifies many of those lessons.

Believe Andrea when she says she wants to help you successfully implement your organization change initiatives.  In my experience, Andrea lives up to her claim that her framework is “general enough to be applied to many initiatives and many organizations and specific enough for action planning.”

The book’s structure with logical chapters, clarifying diagrams and detailed chapter summaries makes it an accessible daily resource while you’re implementing change.  If you start to feel your change’s momentum slowing, turn to Creating Contagious Commitment to find successful change truths  (e.g., pay attention to the people side of change),  organizational system change responses and  explanations of the people of and levers for change. 

Whether you’re an experienced change agent or a novice, you’ll achieve more success with Andrea Shapiro’s Creating Contagious Commitment by your side. 

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