Catching up with Seth

Often enough on this blog I’ve used Seth Godin blog posts as starting fodder for a longer post.  Today I finally got a chance to catch up on Seth’s latest posts.  Here are my favorites with a few lines to go with them.

Talker’s Block: A few weeks ago I encouraged a class of folks to write minutes for their meetings because each set of minutes is an opportunity to improve their writing.  It seems Seth agrees with my philosophy.  Start writing something (anything!) and you’re writing will improve. It is that simple.

Please Complain: Every organization could use a better customer feedback process.  Whether you are a team or a work group, figure out how to get the feedback then listen to it and listen well.  It will help you drive your change.

Why Wait?: Don’t rely on due dates.  Just do your work.  Amazing things will happen.

Confusing Obedience with Self-Control: Driving change is about breaking free from the limits of obedience and harvesting the benefits of self-control.

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