Driving Change

Now what?

In life there are end points. At those end points you’ll be faced with answering the question, “Now what?” You could say, “I don’t know,” and slip into nothingness. Or, you could start imagining all the things you’ve wanted to do and thought you couldn’t. You could list them, prioritize them, figure out how to […]

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Learned Helplessness

A good friend told me a story about the fish who starves among a tank full of food and I had to search out the video to share it with you. Too often we believe that we can’t change our organizations, our communities, or our world because we’ve tried and tried and tried and tried

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What’s possible?

I’m struck by how many times in any given week I encounter people who want a better outcome for themselves, their organization, or their community but have assumed because the outcome isn’t present today that it isn’t even possible. Why is that? Why are we so willing to settle for wishing for better assuming it

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Leaning Forward

Here’s a test of your driving change skills: Imagine you’re in a meeting. A team member asks for help from anyone on the team. Many team members lean back in their chairs and begin grilling the other member on why he hasn’t solved the problem without asking for help. Do you join them in their

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That’s tough

Gandhi either said, Be the change you want to see in the world.” or Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Either way he called people unhappy with the status quo to act.  He challenged them not to start with demands for other people to change their behavior.  He challenged them (and

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Caught Up

In the rush of the world around you, it is easy to get caught up in all the activity that is masquerading as deliberate action. It takes practice to keep yourself calm amidst the storm. It takes courage to push past the confusion and find a way forward. It takes heart to continue to believe

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First Acts

I’ve been thinking deeper about how to truly do something ever since I posted last week about Colonel John Boyd’s be someone or do something test, To be somebody or to do something.  In life there is often a roll call.  That’s when you have to make a decision.  To be or to do?” –

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Turning Point

This week, as I watched my friends, who work throughout the Department of Defense, begin their administrative furlough days–something I never expected would happen to Department of Defense employees who have a vital mission to do–I’m reminded of former Secretary of Defense Gates’ speeches to young officers at the Air Force Academy and Naval Academy. 

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Getting Past “No”

Today I have the opportunity to share with several hundred people four key concepts behind creating changes you want to see in the world and six tactics for getting past “No,” when making the changes we want to see in the world. For those of you would could attend the training session (or for those

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End of the Track

  Kevin Dooley via Compfight It seems many people have an overwhelming misconception that the future–their future–is an ordered thing that they chug their way into like an engine loaded with cars down a study railroad track.  Can you see the flaw in that way of thinking? Before you can steam down the track someone

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