End of the Track

Railroad weeds


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It seems many people have an overwhelming misconception that the future–their future–is an ordered thing that they chug their way into like an engine loaded with cars down a study railroad track.  Can you see the flaw in that way of thinking?

Before you can steam down the track someone had to be there before you to survey the ground, select the grade and route, prep the land, acquire the materials and build the track.

In many organizations today, people are not at the end of a future well planned for by others.

They–we–are at the end of the line.  No one has gone any farther than us.  Now what do we do?

Do we stop and wait for the smart men that know about surveying, grading, prepping, acquiring, and building to save us?  Do those men even exist anymore? (Who is John Galt?)

Or, do we get down from the engine, look about, leverage what known knowledge we can (a task easier than ever before in human history…internet anyone?), and start building our way into our future?

This our time to decide.  We can wait for help that may never come, or we can make the future–our future–as we like it.

Each of us must make the choice: sit and wait or think and act.

What choice will you make? Or have you made your choice already?

There is much to be done.  Much to be done.

Why not try?


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