Usually I like to plan, but sometimes it is nice to just stumble from opportunity to opportunity and see where the conversation/book/situation takes me. Sometimes we think we can plan our way to success, and part of success is planning, but a lot of success is being ready, willing, and able to act when the […]

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I’ll be more prepared

Last week I posted some stuff about being a troubleshooter-for-hire.  I’ve since taken the post (and coordinating page) down.  The post introduced too many loose ends that I didn’t care to spend time tying up right now.  I dipped my toe into new water, even if only virtually, and only for a few days and

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Helping Out

I’ll admit it.  I’m a sucker for helping someone out, especially someone interested in driving change. That willingness to get involved in new situations often presents me with the most interesting opportunities and challenges I never would have found on my own. Some would say that I’m taking on other people’s drama out of some

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Opportunities Taken

Opportunities are those moments when you are presented with a choice, subtle or not, and you can 1) choose to take the opportunity, 2) choose to not take the opportunity, or 3) not choose and lose the opportunity. In Andrea Shapiro’s Tipping Point model, contact with advocates (e.g., the number and quality of times when

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Stop watching me

Are you only stopping by to see what I’m up to? Do you think I write this blog so I can enjoy you watching me drive change? I’m not writing this so you can watch me. I’m writing this so you can be more of who you want to (maybe even need to) be. In

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Keep up the great work

Seth Godin wrote today of Low Esteem and the Factory, of how many companies are still looking for employees they can categorize, command and dominate.  He writes: If you want to raise your game and build an organization filled with people who will change everything, the first thing to look for is someone who hasn’t

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