Fears versus Opportunities

Make a list of ten decisions you made in the last two weeks, small decisions or large decisions; it doesn’t matter.

Now put a check mark next to each of those decisions you made to avoid or run from some consequence you feared.

Put a star next to each of those decisions you made to seize or run toward an opportunity.

Which group won? The check marks or the stars?

There are plenty of things to fear in this world.

There remain many things worth running from.

Yet, the things to fear are small when compared to the opportunities you could run toward. Right now. Today.

When you’re feeling tired, frustrated, or ready to give up, make a list of your decisions and make the check marks and the stars.

If the check marks (the fears) are still winning, stop and take a deep breath.  Make a list of a few decision you can make right now, today, that you could put a star next to.

Now, make those opportunity capturing decisions.

See what happens.

I bet you’ll like the results.

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