Initiative is a little like creativity in that both require curiosity.  Not the search for the “right” answer, as much as an insatiable desire to understand how something works and how it might work better.  The difference is that the creative person is satisfied once he sees how it’s done.  The initiator won’t rest until he does it.” – Seth Godin, Poke the Box

Driving change can be done by the creative person that is excited to see it working, but it is the initiators among us that harness the “how it works” of driving change and create truly memorable results.

In my experience, there are multitudes of people happy to see change happen for every one person that asks me “How did you do that?”

If you are one of those “how did you do that?” people, then this blog is for you.  We aren’t just talking about positive change here, we are showing each other how it is done.

If you are just getting started on driving change, check out the founding post on the differences between driving change and driving people.  You must be able to know the definitions well enough to label change situations you encounter as either one or the other before you can go much further with your driving change education.

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