Empowering the Leading Edge

In March, while visiting, Dr. Kotter said,

For someone who roams around the world and has hundreds of companies, universities and the government, there are some things going on [at PSNS & IMF] that are on the leading edge…If you don’t know about them, you’ve got to figure it out; find it. And, if you have been involved, you can pat yourself on the back.”

Since March, I’ve noticed that the Kotter International site’s descriptions of the 8-steps have changed, reflecting more of the PSNS & IMF method for making the 8-steps work.

Today I submitted an end of year report (we use a fiscal year calendar) to an amazing group of leaders capturing all their success over the past year.  I’d like to think their year of work influenced how Dr. Kotter wrote the “step 5: empower action” section of the Buy-In appendix.  He wrote:

People who buy into a vision look for ways to help the change effort without being instructed.  But they almost inevitably run into some obstacles.  The obstacles take many, many forms: bosses who haven’t bought in; IT systems not capable of supporting the strategies; lack of the skills needed to make the vision a reality; a lack of training to develop these missing skills.  The guiding coalition finds way to eliminate these obstacles, empowering people to do what they want and what the change effort requires.

Those of you who read this blog and work with those leaders know this describes exactly what they do every day.

The work those leaders did in the past year truly pushed the PSNS & IMF method out onto that leading edge, showing us how to generate successful change over and over again.

It sure is fun to live on the leading edge!

Now I’m wondering; do you want to join us there?


Then what are you waiting for? That’s not a rehtorical question.

I’m really curious what you’re waiting for.  Post a comment and let me know.

Maybe we can get you past whatever your obstacle is together.

Why not try?  The world needs your change.

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